Adjusting Foxbody Mustang fuel door
the first step to adjusting a door is to remove the striker.
remove the striker and shut the door. do the body lines line up properly? if so, you need to sdjust the striker only. adjust it until the door shuts easily and lines up properly.

if the door does not line up properly with the striker out, theirs a problem in the hinges.

step one: lift on the rear edge of the door to see if there is play in the bushings. if there is movement, you need to replace the pins and bushings in BOTH hinges.

step two: if there is no movement in step one, close the door. does it go into place easily, and line up? if it wants to spring out when in the closed position (with the striker still out), there is hinge bind. you will have to loosen one hinge at a time and adjust it until it closes nice and easy.

adjusting the hinges:

height is usually adjusted with the bolts on the door side of the hinges, but can also be adjusted with the hinge pillar bolts. try the door bolts first, as this will move the entire adjustment less.

in/out is always adjusted with the bolts on the door side of the hinges.

forward/backward is always adjusted with the bolts on the hinge pillar. be very careful when adjusting the hinge pillar bolts, as this will cause the door to move dramatically. this is harder to adjust for rookies.

if the door is ok in the front, but sags in the rear, move the lower hinge back, as this will raise the rear edge. (meaning the gap at the lower rear will become smaller) reverse if the door is too high/wide gap at the top rear.

if the door is off just a tiny bit up or down at the rear, you can lift or push down on the rear edge. usually the door will be low and not high in the rear. you can do it several ways. first try to lift up using your hands. if this does not move it enough, use a floor jack (but put a 2x4 between the jack and your door edge to spread the load). jack it up a little at a time it is easier to lift a little more than it is to lower it to the right height if you go too far.


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