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How fast will my car be if I install a Vortech Supercharger in my Foxbody? - FoxBody - 09-17-2020

This is a tough question to answer. There are a lot of variables which determine how fast it can run. In optimum conditions, an otherwise stock engine making 8 lbs. of boost is capable of running very low 13’s and high 12’s. Of course traction is a major concern and times like these will never be realized without slicks.

Some customers have gone much quicker than this with just a few simple bolt ons. One customer has gone 11.93 with an 8 psi Vortech, and our Street Fighter package with a 3.55 gear, and the car remains as street-able as it was when it ran 14’s. With the addition of GT-40 heads and a little more boost another customer has gone 11.40’s and the car is perfectly street-able and gets excellent gas mileage.

These results are not unusual, and it’s easy to accomplish them when you know what you’re doing. Even with a 5 psi kit a Mustang is fully capable or running mid to low 13’s. considering there is adequate traction.

If I install a Vortech Supercharger what other modifications do I need to make?
When installing a 5 psi kit on a Mustang, truck or any other vehicle no other modifications need to be made. When installing an 8 psi kit it’s a good idea to make a few other important mods. Vortech’s new HO kit comes with everything you need. A bypass kit to cure reversion, an 8 rib belt kit to minimize belt slippage and ensure full boost, an adjustable boost retard to avoid deadly detonation and the new T-Rex Fuel Pump to ensure adequate fuel delivery. All of these items can be purchased separately if you have a 5 psi kit and want to make more power.

I want to put headers on my car / truck, should I use full length or shorty headers?
With the variety of exhaust headers on the market this is always a confusing dilemma. Full length headers offer a more substantial horsepower gain than shorties. The problem with full length headers is that there are currently no emissions legal versions on the market and when installing them it is necessary to modify the exhaust system to accept them. Shorties offer a more cost efficient way of scavenging exhaust fumes and almost all are emissions certified. When installing shorties it is not necessary to alter the exhaust system in any way, they bolt right in place of your factory exhaust manifolds. In either case we have found MAC exhaust products offer extremely high quality, are an excellent fit and are 100% American made. We can also recommend local exhaust shops that can build you a custom exhaust system or connect your existing one to a pair of full length headers.